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Why volunteer for hospice?

When you volunteer to spend time with someone who is nearing the end of his or her life, you not only help that person in his or her time of need, you may also learn something about yourself. Being with someone who is seriously ill is one of the most real experiences you can ever have in your life. You may even find yourself enriched in ways you have not anticipated. If you are looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity, hospice may offer you some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life.

Who makes a good hospice volunteer?

Different kinds of people make good hospice volunteers; Retired professionals (nurses, pastors, social workers, etc.), musicians, students, pet owners, certified massage therapist and… just your average citizen looking for a quality and meaningful volunteer experience within their community. We serve many patients and families throughout metropolitan Los Angeles and we are in need of genuinely caring, kind and friendly volunteers who can volunteer 3-4 hours per week in their area. (Wherever you live in the metropolitan Los Angeles area, we can match you with hospice patients in your immediate area.)

What is hospice volunteer training like?

Hospice training for volunteers dealing directly with patients is intensive and thorough. Classes take place in group settings at various times to accommodate various schedules. The type of training you receive will depend on what area you want to volunteer.

Some people feel hesitant at the thought of working directly with a hospice patient.. it’s something they would like to work toward and not rush into. If a volunteer wishes to assist with administrative task, perform volunteer recruiting, send notes to bereaved families or make organizational phone calls. Los Angeles Hospice has various jobs that can be done at the office – not requiring direct patient contact.

What kind of volunteers do you need?

We are specially looking for:

  • People with patience and compassion.
  • Pet owners (calm and friendly animals – insurance required).
  • Retired professionals.
  • Musicians.
  • Listening ears.
  • Kind hearts.
  • Comforting hands.

How do I sign up to be a volunteer?

To be a hospice volunteer, call us:
Los Angeles Hospice Volunteer Services at 213-351-1030