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Affirming Life in our Commitment
to Quality, Comfort and Dignity.

Over the course of hospice care, we empower the patient and family by preparing them for the natural process of dying  and providing physical emotional and spiritual support.


Welcome to Los Angeles Hospice

Los Angeles Hospice is the embodiment of the hospice concept providing compassionate care and comfort to people experiencing the final phase of life’s journey.

Our care, delivered by a team of professionals, enables our patients to live each day to the fullest, while sharing the time that remains in the supportive circle of family and friends. We are committed to providing comprehensive palliative care, which is oriented to comfort measures and the successful management of pain and discomfort symptoms.

The focus of Los Angeles Hospice is in addressing the symptoms of the patient’s diseases with emphasis on controlling pain and discomfort. The palliative care we provide focuses on enhancing a patient’s comfort and overall quality of life. Hospice is not a place but rather an approach to care for the terminally-ill. It can be provided in the patient’s home, nursing home, hospital, or any suitable designated living space.

Los Angeles Hospice offers its services to patients and families without regard for gender, national origin, race, color, creed, sexual orientation, disability and age.